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About Us



The law firm Archs-Torrella Advocats, S.L.P. originates in the office of lawyer Isidro Archs Riqué (1910-1991), who founded it in 1947 after several years of providing his services to the Chancery of the Spanish Embassy in Bern (Switzerland).

Lawyer Francisco Torrella Curto (1934-2019) joined the firm in 1964 and the partnership between the two led the firm to be renamed Archs-Torrella in 1969.

Lawyers Fátima and Francesc Torrella Cabello joined the firm in 1994 and 1996 respectively, giving it the family nature which distinguishes its personalised and direct customer service.

Historically the company has maintained close ties with Switzerland and our attorneys have acted as Trusted Attorneys of the Swiss Consulate General in Barcelona for over half a century. This relationship is based on our expertise in Swiss private law, particularly family and inheritance law, and has led many Swiss citizens, resident in Spain or otherwise, to become clients.


“We value experience, professional solvency, honesty, commitment and friendly customer service as the decisive assets of the job of a lawyer”