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Swiss civil law

Swiss civil law and its application in Spain

We advise Spanish clients with personal or financial ties with Switzerland and Swiss residents or non-residents with assets in Spain on the following matters,  this being probably the core branch of legal practice our firm has engaged in since its foundation:

Drafting wills, considering the legal aspects of international law applicable to succession.

Processing both testate and intestate inheritance with determination of substantive law applicable to succession, competent authorities and legal formalities:  ab intestato inheritance declarations, asset inventories and distribution, etc.

Determination of matrimonial property regimes and their legal effects.

Divorce and settlement of marital partnerships.

Disability statements.

Attainment of Spanish nationality.

Implementation in Spain of judgements or arbitral awards handed down by Swiss judicial and arbitration tribunals.

Drafting and attainment of Swiss legal certificates to be issued by the competent authority in order to prove Swiss law applicable in each case in legal proceedings and extrajudicial legal acts to be awarded before a Notary.

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